No Egos Allowed

Möto café is a sanctuary for lost souls

Where refugees from the glitter and glam of Dubai seek solace amongst the real and authentic. Where our workshop restores your ride whilst our kitchen restores your humanity. And where your only close shave will be in the healing hands of our Barberos. Let the grind of our coffee replace the grind of your day. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

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Meet Marco Moller

The bolts and rivets of Möto Café

Raised behind the iron curtain in the monochrome of East Germany his café is as irreverent as he is. As he works the tables in Möto greeting the days guests, Marco is the love child of Humphrey Bogarts ‘Rick’ in Casablanca, and Otzi the Iceman, the 5000-year-old hunter gnarled and mummified by the Tyrolean glaciers. But don’t let grizzled appearances deter you. It’s true that if you prefer your coffee beans fermented in the colons of jungle vermin and topped with soya foam barista art, then your welcome will be brief. But share Marcos ‘no-frills’ values of honest, self-effacing authenticity and you are embraced as family.

That toddler now turns metal into provocative art and bikes into award winning creations adorned with intricate engravings. Every item on the walls of the café comes with a ‘Marco story’ and be sure to ask about the blind orphan whose tears add to the unique flavour of the orange coffee. Just don’t ask for latte art work or you might be wearing it rather than drinking it.

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