Where authenticity is the price of admission

About Moto

Where authenticity is the price of admission

The accretions of a gastro kitchen, a traditional barber, an impromptu stage and art gallery, have continued to feed, groom and entertain those in pursuit of the warmest welcome, in what regulars affectionately describe as their home from home. A sanctuary for those who seek the company of others who just want to show up and be themselves. And by being authentic we create a space for others to do the same. Walk in your truth. Oh and if you must insist on working in our church of chilling, there are multiple workstations. Just don’t ask for the music to be turned down.

About Moto

The Piston King

It is where visiting bikers from all over the world have taken to leaving beads and trinkets or lighting a candle in homage to their guardian of the road – the Piston King. The icon within the shrine was fashioned by Marco and made from a strange oily metallic compound he found during his travels in India. The name Piston King is a corruption of the ancient traveler known as the ‘The Pashtun King’. It is said that icon has wept tears of oil much in the same way Christian icons have wept blood or have bled from stigmata. Fanciful stuff maybe, but it was a cleaner who remarked how each morning he was having to clean an oily stain off the floor directly under the shrine. Intrigued, a camera was set up overnight and what it revealed was truly astonishing. The oil was weeping directly from the Piston Kings eyes that Marco had crafted into the figure head. But it is the origins of the Piston King, the eponymic traveler, and the material the icon was fashioned from that have an intriguing and convergent provenance.

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